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2015 FERRARI CALIFORNIA, Ferrari, Twin Turbo
Previously known as ‘Project 149 M’, the 2015 Ferrari California T reintroduces the world to a turbo-Ferrari, something we haven’t seen since the F40 debuted in 1987. The “T” in its name, of course, stands for “turbocharged,” even though the California T is actually twin-turbocharged. The single T in the name is probably due to a another German automaker currently using “TT” for one of their models, plus California T just sounds better.
This new motor is expected to deliver 49% more torque with a peak output of 556-ft-lb and a fuel consumption improvement of at least 15% due to the turbocharged engine. The Ferrari California T will pack an additional 70 horsepower over the previous model, bringing the total to 560 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. For those that are concerned that the change to turbocharged motors will affect the sound of the Ferrari will be pleased to know that the Ferrari California T will rumble. This is in part due to the engine having direct injection, twin-scroll turbines, and a 90-degree V block, a flat-plane crankshaft along with a tuned three-piece exhaust manifold that promises to deliver a sound that guarantees that the California T sounds the way that a Ferrari should. The California T will also display the latest generation magnetic suspension, upgraded springs and the newest generation carbon-ceramic braking system.
For those more into visual will be pleased to know that the 2015 Ferrari California T will be available in two colors, the “Rosso California” and the “Blue California”. The 2015 California appears longer and lower than the current California despite carrying nearly identical dimensions. These new looks are a result of the 2015 California being stylized by Pininfarina who once again delivers elegant styling elements that make the 2015 Ferrari California T as beautiful as it is powerful.

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