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Ever since the roofless/windshieldless Pininfarina concept that honors Pininfarina founder, Sergio Pininfarina, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, there have been rumors that a limited production run may be in the works. A report has surfaced that the impressive Ferrari 458-based supercar will have a limited production run of six examples with an approximate price tag sitting around the $2 million mark. Unlike the concept, the production version of the Sergio will likely come with a windshield and side windows in order to meet European road standards, as well as a 12-mm taller nose to pass pedestrian protection guidelines.


Ferrari, Pininfarina, Sergio Roadster,

It appears that the radically designed, roofless and windshield-free sports car named after the late Sergio Pininfarina is one step closer to having a limited production run. Single digit numbers are expected to be made with a production run consisting of possibly 5 to 7 vehicles carrying a price tag solidly in the seven figure range.

The Sergio is based off of the Ferrari 458 Spider, using the 458 Spider platform will make a limited run much easier to produce.

New 3-D modeling software has allowed Pinifarina to develop the Sergio concept in less than five months. This software will also help make this concept financially viable to build with an expected price tag of about $4.5 million.

The Sergio takes inspiration from Pininfarina designed cars of the 1960’s and 1970 and was placed on display at the Geneva Motor Show next to a 1965 Dina Berlinetta Speciale concept. These inspirations can be seen in the arched fender and forward-projecting rear. The Sergio has several modern aerodynamic aspects such as the front spoiler, hood deflector and side inlets that are all wrapped together by a black insert. All practical components of the exterior such as door handles are all tucked away leaving the body of the Sergio uninterrupted by necessary components.

The most noticeable and obvious difference in this build is the lack of front windshield. This design on fast glance can make it hard to tell if you are looking at the front or the back of the vehicle including since the Sergio does come equipped with a rear windshield that is built into the roll bar. If this vehicle does become available for purchase, Pininafarina will have to make adjustments to the front nose in order to comply with pedestrian protection laws in Europe and Asia. In addition, the Sergio will come with driver and passenger helmets equipped with googles to serve as protection from the lack of a front windshield.

Paolo Pininfarina, chairman of the Pininfarina Group had this to say “My father would be proud of this concept car because it expresses the aesthetic values that always inspired him: the purity of the lines, the harmony of form, and balance.” “Furthermore, he would be happy with this latest concept on Ferrari base, a brand to which we are related by a history that has helped define the most beautiful cars of all time in an evolution that has lasted 60 years and shows no sign of ending.

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