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Superstar tuning house Novetic Rosso recently unveiled a new performance package for the Ferrari 458 Speciale. This package includes a lightweight body kit consisting of a new spoiler and front bumper blade, carbon fiber moldings along the side windows and a carbon fiber diffuser fitted with an electronically adjustable midsection. Additional features for the limited-edition track inspired supercar include a redesigned high-performance exhaust system made up of two exhaust manifolds, a rear muffler and sports catalysts, along with two 100-mm black-coated tailpipes. These advantages bring the total horsepower produced by this naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8 to 636 hp with 422 lb-ft of torque and a new top speed of 205 mph. No word yet on what this upgrade kit for the Ferrari 458 Speciale will cost or how long these upgrades will take.


Ferrari FF, Ferrari, Novitec-Rosso

The car-wrap industry continues to raise the bar when it comes to creating new finishes and exciting color combinations. As the trend of wrapping supercars becomes more popular versus the standard option of repainting, wealthy car owners and celebrities alike are continuously hunting for new paint schemes and outrageous color combinations. Print Tech Premium Wrapping out of Munich, Germany, recently took a Novitec-Rosso Ferrari FF and gave it a red chrome coating off-set brilliantly by a stunning Braille stripe (matte black stripe inside a gloss black stripe). Print Tech also gave the Ferrari FF a gloss black roof and a complete set of gloss black alloys that really make this red chrome Ferrari FF shine.


Ferrari, F12 Berlinetta, Novitec-Rosso, N-Largo

Novitec-Rosso recently displayed a matte grey Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on the streets of Dubai. Officially called the “N-Largo”, this performance kit adds a style to the Berlinetta that is pure aggression. The original front fenders have been replaced with a wide-body variant that adds an additional six centimeters to the width of the Berlinetta. Additional aerodynamic needs are taken care of with a large rear airfoil that creates additional downforce at high speeds. All aspects of the body conversion kit are manufactured from carbon fiber components. These carbon fiber components create amazing strength while being incredibly lightweight.

The Novitec-Rosso N-Largo has been outfitted with a custom-made three-piece Novitec-Rosso NF5 NL forged wheels that are 21 inches in the front and 22 inches in the rear. A remapped engine management system brings the total power output to a very respectful 781 horsepower. The final touches to the N-Largo include a Novitec-Rosso high-Performance quad exhaust that comes equipped with a butterfly valve that ensures exhaust emissions with low back pressure.

NOVITEC ROSSO Edizione 747

Ferrari Scuderia Edizone 747The Edizone 747 is not an upgrade to the massive jetliner but rather a reference to the amount of horsepower being produced by the latest Ferrari F430 Scuderia to receive an upgrade from Ferrari’s most distinguished tuner Novitec Rosso. In true Novitec Rosso fashion, most of the emphasis on the Scuderia is centered on performance versus cosmetic body upgrades, even though the two-tone special matte yellow and grey paintjob with matching interior is very stunning. The Edizone 747 boosts the power of the V-8 engine thru the use of a bi-compressor that takes the standard 510 horsepower all the way up to 747 horsepower with an equally impressive 544 lb-ft of torque. The Edizione 747 hits 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and delivers a top end of 217 mph.

The engine comes equipped with an intercooling system that sports a dedicated water circuit giving a maximum boost pressure of 0.53 bar.

The Edizione 747 is equipped with Michelin Pilot Cup tires fitted to 20 inch rims all around with stiffer springs that lower the Ferrari’s ride height by 1 inch. Additional cosmetic upgrades besides the awesome paintjob include blacked-out taillights and side markers matched to an interior comprised of a leather-and-carbon fiber steering wheel with carbon-fiber shift paddles that are considerably longer than the stock shift paddles.

Novitec Rosso is based out of Stetten Germany and is a premier tuner of Ferrari vehicles. Novitec prides itself on performance orientated parts that improve the way Ferraris brake, handle and accelerate.

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