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Everyone expects the current Ferrari flagship, the LaFerrari, to have a reign at the top of the Ferrari food chain for about a decade. Given the space between previous flagship projects such as the Enzo, this timeline makes the most sense. This hasn’t stopped designers from imaging what the next supercar to take over the world could possibly look like. Independent designer Adriano Raeli has envisioned a “street legal F1 car,” named the Ferrari F80. This is a futuristic design that embodies several very aggressive styling cues to include side mirrors attached to the roof and an insane front grill. Raeli’s design is powered by a twin-turbo V8 that delivers 900 horsepower matched to a 300 horsepower KERS system for a combined power output of 1,200 hp with a 0-60 mph time of just two seconds and a top speed of 310 mph.


Chris Harris has once again taken to the road and later to the track with another amazing supercar. This time Drive magazine has given Harris the newest and most powerful street car to ever be released by Ferrari, the LaFerrari. This video starts with Harris taking the 960 horsepower hybrid supercar out onto the road. Harris seems to be more than impressed the capabilities of the LaFerrari and a little concerned at the same time. Harris decides that the best and safest place to test the limits of Ferrari’s current flagship vehicle would be on Ferrari’s Fiorano test circuit where he manages to drift the hybrid supercar around every turn! Take a look at the video shot for the Cars segment on the Drive’s YouTube channel.


The criterion for purchasing a LaFerrari is rather strict to begin with. One of the prerequisites requires that all applicants have previously purchased two Ferraris new from the dealership, and owned six Ferraris in total over the past ten years. So it is not a surprise that real estate mogul Jon Hunt has a Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo in his collection. What is a surprise is that when the call came from the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Hunt decided to use his friends and family to help him drive his entire Ferrari collection from London to Modena to pick up the newest flagship vehicle from Ferrari.


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Ex-Van Halen front man, Sammy Hagar has a love for cars that includes no less than 6 Ferraris along with several classics to include some very impressive muscle cars. The Red Rocket recently announced that he was one of the 499 who were fortunate enough to get their hands on Ferrari’s newest flagship model, the LaFerrari. Hagar recently flew over to the Maranello factory in Italy to get fitted for the custom cockpit seat. While he was there Hagar also spent time choosing interior and exterior color combinations for his 950 horsepower hybrid.

“I couldn’t be more excited, and I’m buying it to drive it”, says Hagar. “I suspect I might even have to take some more driving courses to really be able to pilot this baby with confidence. From everything I’ve read about the LaFerrari, you need to recalibrate your brain when you get inside”.


Ferrari, LaFerrari, LaFerrari Spider, 458 Scuderia, Ferrari FXX

Earlier this year, Ferrari announced that it would expand its current lineup by launching new variants of existing models. This has led to expectations of some various obvious variants such as the Ferrari 458 Scuderia, who would have imagined that Ferrari would produce a spider variant of their first hybrid supercar?

According to Automobile Magazine, Ferrari is planning to produce just 50 examples at double the price of the LaFerrari coupe. If the LaFerrari Spider does make it into production, the supercar would likely consist of a removable roof panel versus the traditional convertible configuration. If produced, the LaFerrari Spider would be the first open-topped Ferrari flagship vehicle since the Ferrari F50, which came exclusively with a removable hardtop.

The LaFerrari Spider is not the only LaFerrari variant expected in 2015 to come out of Maranello. Ferrari is expected to build a track-only version dubbed the LaFerrari XX. Only 30 examples are expected to be made and each is expected to have a power output of 1,050 hp!


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It is not possible for an automotive company to hide from the reality that emission reduction is here to stay. As the world embraces going green, the demand for more fuel efficient-eco friendly cars is reshaping the automotive landscape. Car companies must now produce fuel-sipping powerplants if they want to be competitive from this point forward. This can be rather challenging for automotive manufactures that pride themselves on performance and power. Classically speaking, power and fuel economy have not mixed. There is no better example of this than the muscle cars of the 1970s. For Ferrari, the challenge of reducing emissions while improving performance has been viewed as a way for Ferrari to separate itself from the pack and to introduce new models that are equally exciting as they are eco friendly.

Ferrari Powertrain Director Vittorio Dini recently told Automotive News Europe that Ferrari has plans to improve its current average C02 emissions of 270 grams per kilometer by 20 percent by 2021. This would create a new benchmark for the Prancing Horse of 216 grams of C02 per kilometer. “In the future, all of our V8s will use turbos,” explained Dini. For the V12 engines, Ferrari has elected to go with a hybrid system that better suits the V12 engines versus the heat that is created from turbos.

Evidence of this new philosophy can be seen in the new California T that ditches the naturally aspirated engine in favor of a smaller displacement, more powerful turbocharged unit. The LaFerrari is an example of how Ferrari has paired the larger V12 engine with a powerful hybrid system.


Ferrari, LaFerrari, FXX

As previously stated in this blog, there have been rumors for some time that Ferrari was planning a track-only LaFerrari based FXX and a street-legal variant in convertible. As time passed, the rumor began to look more like fact as other evidence became available. What has remained a mystery is the question of when these two cars will become a reality. According to Car Magazine, Ferrari is expected to launch both vehicles in 2015.

According to Car Magazine, the Spyder FXX is going to be extremely limited with a production run consisting of approximately 50 vehicles and is expected to cost more than the LaFerrari Coupe, possibly costing twice as much.

The track-only version of the LaFerrari FXX will follow in the footsteps of the Enzo-based FXX with only 30 examples being made. These 30 examples will not only be very expensive, they will only be offered to loyal and longtime customers of Ferrari. The LaFerrari-based FXX track edition is expected to be around 1,050 horsepower and capable of delivering much faster performance times than the current LaFerrari.


Ferrari, LaFerrari

A remapped ECU allowed JMP Optimering to boost the horsepower of the most powerful naturally-aspirated V-12 engine that Ferrari has ever made from a combined output of 950 hp to a whopping 1,050 hp! The 6.3-liter V12 generates 800 horsepower with the electric motor bringing the total horsepower up to 950 hp before any modifications were made to the ECU. No word on how much this power boost cost the owner or what the reason behind the boost in power was.


One would expect that the leading supercar to come out of Maranello, the LaFerrari, would handle excellently on the track and it does. What there is less information on is how it handles on the road. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Ferrari is not letting anyone review the car. Very few people in the industry have been given a chance to take Ferrari’s first hybrid out on the open road. Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago was granted permission by Ferrari to do so for the latest edition of Ignition, Lago went on to say that the LaFerrari may just be the best road car he has ever driven.



Ferrari Festival, Ferrari, LaFerrari

The rest of the world has been able to enjoy Ferrari’s new supercar, the LaFerrari for several months now, while those of us in America have only been able to view the 963 horsepower hybrid online. That is, until now, the first LaFerrari to be delivered to North America has finally arrived! Before delivery took place, Ferrari held a special track session at Mount-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, during the Mount-Tremblant Ferrari festival.

Out of the 499 units that will be produced, 120 of them are making their way to the North America. There is no word yet on when the first LaFerrari will be delivered to the United States, however, the Canadian model is dressed in a stunning shade of red. Those who look close will notice that the North American example of the LaFerrari has been outfitted with side markers, this is due to government regulations requiring side markers to be on all vehicles in the United States and Canada.

Ferrari was not shy about announcing the arrival of the first LaFerrari in Canada, Ferrari took to twitter and YouTube posting video of the supercar turning laps at the Ferrari Festival.



Ferrari, LaFerrari, Maranello, BND Supercars

Initially, Ferrari insisted that the newest flagship supercar of the fleet would only be produced in red, black and yellow. Recently several of these limited-edition hybrids have been seen in other colors to include this LaFerrari in silver that was spotted leaving Maranello courtesy of BND- Supercars. I personally like it! The silver compliments the aggressive body styling quite nicely, proving once again that this car could be painted any color and look spectacular.


Ferrari, LaFerrari, Jamiroquai, Jay Kay

Jamiroquai front man and bona fide Ferrari nut Jay Kay has built a rather impressive collection of Ferraris over the years to include a special one-off 330GT Vignale, F40, Enzo, 275 GTB/4, two Ferrari 250 GT Lusso Berlinettas, 250 GTE, 550 Maranello and a 16M Scuderia. Jay Kay can now add the newest flagship vehicle to come out of Maranello to his list of amazing supercars as it has been confirmed that Jay Kay has purchased a LaFerrari in a very rare green color. This purchase represents the third new Ferrari he has purchased this year and the sixth Ferrari he has purchased in the last four years! All together the British acid jazz star owns over 60 cars and has no plans on slowing down any time soon.

Jay Kay has always had a love for cars, especially sports cars. His love of cars was expressed with the release of the album Traveling Without Moving. The album’s cover featured an adaptation of the “Buffalo Man” logo and the Ferrari crest. In 2011 he visited Maranello for an exclusive viewing of the then-new Ferrari 458 Spider. Three of his cars appeared in the video for the song Cosmic Girl.


Ferrari, LaFerrari, DMC, LaQuattro

German tuning company DMC recognized how the world immediately fell in love with the LaFerrari and quickly went to work creating a rendering that reflects the unique style of DMC. DMC took to Facebook to release a concept rendering of the LaFerrari that they have named the “LaQuattro.”

As impressive as this rendering is, the biggest challenge towards making this project real is finding one of the 499 owners that paid over a million dollars to purchase the LaFerrari that would be willing to see their car go through such a transformation. Given the reputation of DMC as one of the best supercar tuning companies on the planet, we expect that someone will be willing to offer up a LaFerrari donor car for this special project.


LaFerrari, Ferrari, Maranello Museum

The newest superstar from Ferrari has finally arrived at the carmakers official museum in Maranello, Italy. The Ferrari LaFerrari made its debut to the world last year during an official unveiling at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Only 499 units will be sold to the public with this being the 500th unit that is on display. All 499 units of the LaFerrari were sold before the first unit was delivered. Those that were lucky enough to purchase the successor of the Enzo shelled out a hefty amount of money to do so. The average sale for a LaFerrari in the United States was 1.7 million USD. Even with such a steep price tag, Ferrari had over 1,000 customers competing for the 499 available units.

The LaFerrari is powered by a 6.2-liter V-12 engine capable of producing 800 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. The internal combustion engine is paired with an electric motor capable of producing 163 Horsepower for a total power out of 963 hp. The LaFerrari sprints from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds with a top speed of 217 mph.


Ferrari has released a LaFerrari premier video made by Ferrari’s hired videographer and photographers. This video teaser clip gives us a good look at the Prancing Horse’s newest flagship supercar. Unlike the first video teaser to come out from Ferrari, this clip gives us a much better idea as to what the LaFerrari sounds like and how it will look on the road.

In addition to displaying the enjoyable exhaust note of the LaFerrari, this video gives us a look at the LaFerrari with the engine bay uncovered, displaying the powerful 6.3-liter V-12 engine that lies within. This view definitely demonstrates that the LaFerrari is the fastest and most powerful road car ever launched out of Maranello.

With 950 horsepower and more than 660 pound-feet of torque delivered by a Formula One inspired V-12 hybrid drivetrain, the LaFerrari will accelerate from 0-60mph in under 3.0 seconds, reach 186mph in 15 seconds before arriving at a top speed of 217mph.


Ferrari, LaFerrari, Evoxx

Now that the LaFerrari has been unveiled and orders are beginning to ship to those who were lucky enough to get their hands on Ferrari’s first hybrid, people are beginning to speculate what a track version would look like. Such as with the Enzo that spawned the FXX Evoluzione, and the 599XX that followed, fans are eagerly anticipating what Ferrari plans to do next. Milano-based designer Luca Polizzotto has created a rendering of what he believes that a track version would eventually look like.

Polizzotto has named his rendering the LaFerrari EVOXX, this track hybrid features some subtle aerodynamic improvements along with white trim added to the hood and side panels. The EVOXX also features a pair of rear wings attached to the engine cover along with a carbon fiber front lip. Yes, this is just a rendering with no guarantee that Ferrari would take it cues from the EVOXX. Should they decide to create a track version of the hybrid, we would expect it to look something like this.


Right now, the LaFerrari is hands down the hottest car on the market with every auto-journalist on the planet lining up for a chance to take one out onto the track. The boys over at Top Gear got their chance recently and took the LaFerrari out in style. Check out the video as they power effortlessly around the track in this 950hp V-12 hybrid that easily climbs to 200 mph without even breaking a sweat.


The Ferrari Tribute Tour recently took place on the streets of Italy bringing out over a thousand examples of the prancing horse. This collection represented the newest members of the Ferrari family such as the LaFerrari along with a wonderful display of vintage supercars. The Ferrari experts over at Shmee were on hand to capture all the excitement, their video starts with a LaFerrari chase and ends at the top of a hill surrounded by Ferrari madness.


Ferrari, LaFerrari, Ferrari Hybrid

The first LaFerrari to call London home has made its way to the streets of the English capital. Rumor has it that the owner of this LaFerrari took possession of the supercar at the Ferrari Factory in Maranello and drove it home to the UK. The LaFerrari is considered a sound investment for those who were lucky enough to get their hands on the limited production vehicle. Only 499 examples of Ferrari’s first hybrid exist each carrying a hefty price tag of $1.4 million.

The Ferrari hybrid combines a 6.3-liter V12 engine with an electric motor. The result is an impressive 963 horsepower with 664 ft lbs of torque capable of delivering a 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.


Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Formula 1, Ferrari, LaFerrari

Ross Brawn has went out of his way to downplay the significance of his recent visit to the Ferrari factory in Maranello on Monday stating that he was there “with a group of friends as part of a tour of Italy – no more that that!”

Brawn, 59, was the Ferrari Formula 1 technical director during the team’s dominant period of the early 2000s. With his departure as team principal for Mercedes in December, fans are left wondering if this was more than a friendly vacation to see old friends.

A spokesman for Ferrari also downplayed the significance of Brawn being on property by saying that Brawn’s visit was “simply an Italian fantasy tour with friends scheduled for some time.” Brawn and his friends tried out two Ferrari road cars, including the new LaFerrari hybrid supercar on the Ferrari owned Fiorano test track.

Ferrari is off to the worst start in recent history with only one podium finish in the first four races. The lackluster start to the season has resulted in the replacement of team principal Stefano Domenicali with Marco Mattiacci, the former head of Ferrari’s North American road-car division who is a protégé of the top management of parent company Fiat.

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