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Lapo Elkann, Ferrari FF, Ferrari 458 Italia

Once again Lapo Elkann, heir to Fiat Automobiles, has subjected us to another photo shoot, this time posing with a Ferrari FF as if the two are skiing and then with a camo wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia where Elkann is doing his best Bond impersonation. These photos were taken for an upcoming issue of L’Uomo Vouge.

Lapo Elkann is a New York-born Italian entrepreneur and Former Fiat marketing manager who is currently manager of brand promotion at Fiat Autombiles, group Fiat, and is a founding partner of LA Holding and current president Italia Independent and Independent Ideas. Elkann is the grandson of Italian industrialist and principal shareholder of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli.


Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia, CapristoA lot of people feel that body modifications should not be made to a Ferrari, this stems from a belief that Ferraris are perfect when they leave the factory. One of the most common fears is that when changes are made to the body that effect the overall look of the vehicle, the actual look of the vehicle can be completely ruined. This has not stopped tuner shops from attempting to “add to without taking away from” the original design that the car was born with.
In this case Capristo, most famous for their work with exhaust systems, hated the fact that an engine view was not offered on the convertible option for the Ferrari 458 Italia, and set out to do something about it. The end result is very impressive; Capristo has fitted the Italia with a new back piece that allows the engine compartment to be viewed. The view of the engine is not a complete view, but you can see a good amount of the engine to include the Ferrari logo that sits on top.
In addition to the glass hood, Capristo also added flanks to the hood on each side of the glass pane that allow for better air passage, helping the oil cooler by adding 25 Nm to the output of the engine. The capristo Ferrari 458 Spider is a perfect example of a tuner shop adding to the original design without taking away from the original intent of the manufacture. The $15,000 price tag makes this a realistic option for those wanting to show off the engine of their Ferrari 458 Italia.


458 scuderia, Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia

When Ferrari brings a new generation sports car to the market, everyone should expect at least three versions: a coupe, a spider, and a Scuderia. When it comes to the Ferrari 458 Italia we have had both the coupe and spider for some time. This leaves the Scuderia to be the only expected variation currently not released. Being that the name Scuderia is synonymous with weight reduction, we are expecting a loss in weight similar to what was done to the 430 Scuderia, which tipped the scale approximately 220 pounds lighter than the traditional F430. Expect this weight reduction to be the result of a mostly aluminum body, since Ferrari has made it clear that it would choose this material over the more popular carbon fiber.


Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia, 458 Spider,  Novetic Rosso

Novetic Rosso is a Dutch tuning house that specializes in upgrade packages for Ferrari owners. This time Novetic Rosso has focused their attention on the Ferrari 458 Spider. This package keeps the focus on aerodynamic parts with very little done to the upgrade of the engine. Engine upgrades do include a carbon fiber air box with modified air routing and a custom high-performance exhaust system manufactured by Inconel. This system features two high-performance manifolds, sport catalysts and a new rear sport exhaust that releases an extra 39 hp by itself.

The aerodynamic upgrades for this Ferrari 458 Spider include carbon fiber parts designed in a wind tunnel at the University of Stuttgart. Novetic Rosso has fitted the 458 Spider with a new carbon fiber two-piece front spoiler with side flaps, a ventilation grill, exterior mirrors and side skirt matched to a rear spoiler. Additional pieces found on the Novetic Rosso 458 Spider include blacked –out tail lights, side markers and an auxiliary LED brake light along with carbon fiber air scoop wings. The Novetic Rosso 458 Spider sits on new 22” forged wheels matched with a hydraulic suspension system that can raise the car’s ride by 40mm or lower it by 35 mm.


Mansory, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari 458 Italia, Monaco Edition

German-based tuner company Mansory has taken inspiration from the Ferrari Enzo for its latest creation, the Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition. The reference to Enzo styling is very obvious in the front nose cone of the 458 Monaco Edition along with a new skirt with bigger intakes all made out of carbon fiber. Mansory brags that these new carbon fiber pieces reduce the weight of the Ferrari 458 by over 130 pounds. The interior of the 458 Spider Monaco Edition receives an upholstery upgrade consisting of leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber done in a pleasant combination of red and white.

Mansory matched these new body styling components and interior upgrades with a new engine management system, a sports air filer and a sports-tuned exhaust system. Additional touches on the 458 Spider Monaco Edition include fitted sports shock absorbers with lowering springs that drop the ride height by 20mm, the Monaco Edition will be sitting on 20 inch wheels in the front and 21 inch wheels in the back. This upgrade in performance boosts the Ferrari 458’s power to 590 horsepower with a 0-60 of just 3.2 seconds while reaching a top speed of 205 mph.

Just three of these are being made, no word yet on pricing.


Hot Wheels, Ferrari, Ferrari 458 ItaliaStill upset that you couldn’t get your hands on a real Ferrari 458 China Edition? Don’t feel bad, the limited production run dedicated to world’s biggest automotive market consisted of only 20 units and had a price tag of $1 million. Making the Ferrari 458 China Edition not only horribly expensive, but only available to those living in well… China.
For all the rest of us who would still like to have our own Ferrari 458 China Edition will have to settle for the Hot Wheels 1:18 scale model. This model is part of the Hot Wheels Elite special line and is packed with plenty of surprises. The Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 458 China Edition will cost about $105 and is available for immediate shipping (something else that is hard to get with the full-sized version).


Ferrari 458 Italia, Hybrid, California, Ferrari FF

There is no doubt that the LaFerrari is a game changer for the future of Ferrari supercars. There have been suggestions in the past by Ferrari president, Luca di Montezemolo that the hybrid technology used in the LaFerrari could make its way into the next-generation of Ferraris. This would be in direct response to increasingly demanding emissions requirements. A series of design patent images recently revealed show that Ferrari is developing a new model, which may be a front-engine turbocharged hybrid that could possibly replace the Ferrari California.
Pictures circulating online after patents were submitted, reveal a vehicle that takes most of its cues from current Ferrari’s, including the front and rear styling of the FF. The lights shown in this illustration are consistent with the lights currently used on the Ferrari 458, F12 Berlinetta and FF. The lower valance displayed in these diagrams appears to be a hybrid between what is found on the Ferrari FF and the F12 Berlinetta. Even with the illustration appearing to show a fixed-roof coupe, there are prominent cut lines in the roof that strongly suggest that a production version could include a removable roof panel or a folding metal hard top, similar to what is currently used on the Ferrari California.
The current Ferrari California is a rear-drive vehicle powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 483 horsepower and 375lb-ft of torque capable of doing 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. A slightly disguised Ferrari California was seen testing with what was rumored to be a twin-turbocharged 3.8 liter V8 that is currently found in the Maserati Quattroporte and delivers 523 horsepower and 523lb-ft of torque. These sightings and the release of patent images strongly suggest that we may see a replacement vehicle for the Ferrari California by 2017.


Jay Farber WSOP second placeLas Vegas nightclub promoter Jay Farber became the World Series of Poker runner-up by finishing second in the main event last week.  Even though Farber did not win the diamond-crusted championship bracelet or the $8,400,000 first place prize, he did walk away with a respectable $5,174,357. The 29 year old Farber, who had never won a major poker event, beat out a field of 6,352 entrants over seven days of play at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Despite taking home over $5.2 million, Farber says that he will be keeping his night job working as VIP nightlife host saying that the publicity will be good for business. When asked what he will be buying with his new found wealth, Farber says that he will be buying a Ferrari and a new house.

It appears that Farber seems to be keeping true to his promise, earlier this week he was spotted at Exotics Racing last week driving a Ferrari 458 Italia on their 1.2 mile road course. We can only assume that he was using his time at Exotics Racing School as a bit of a test drive. After receiving a block of instructions from the Exotics Racing driving instructors, he went out on the course for 5 laps. Farber had so much fun at Exotics Racing that he even hung out longer to take a driftcar ride along in a Corvette Z06!

While we don’t know exactly what Ferrari Farber will choose to buy, if he does choose buy the Ferrari 458 Italia, he won’t be disappointed. The Ferrari 458 Italia is a rear-wheel drive V-8 capable of producing 560 horsepower with 398 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm, with 80% percent of the torque at 3,250 rpm! The Ferrari 458 Italia is Ferrari’s first naturally aspirated direct fuel injection mid-engine car that delivers a 0-60 in less than 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 202 mph. The 458 Italia is the first volume production Ferrari to break the 200 mph mark. With the type of earnings he made earlier this week, Jay will find the $300,000 price tag to be a steal for such a wonderful car.

Crystal Encrusted Ferrari 458 Italia

Crystal Encrusted Ferrari 458 ItaliaOver the years, elaborate automotive paint schemes has been a popular way to personalize one’s automobile. the exotic supercar market has seen many  trends. Who can forget the “Murdered Out” matte black finished paint schemes of the last few years that have became so popular that some leading manufactures now offer matte black as a factory paint scheme. Before that there was the popular Chameleon Paint of the late 90′s; and who could forget the old school airbrush art of the 1970’s and 1980’s or even of the foil art and wood grain of the 1960’s. Continue reading “Crystal Encrusted Ferrari 458 Italia” »

Electronic Arts to Include Ferrari 458 Italia in the Popular Real Racing 3 App

Electronic Arts Real Racing 3Gaming mega company Electronic Arts (EA) has announced the roll out of a long awaited update to the very popular Real Racing 3 app. For the first time gamers will be able to pilot the Ferrari FF, the Ferrari 458 Italia and the V12-powered Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Additonal features on the app include a recreation of the famous Circuit de Catalunya in Spain, time trial challenges that allow gamers to compete against each other, the ability to hire crew members to earn more racing cash, improved collision avoidance and faster times through the corners and the ability to tweak personal settings to improve the racing experience.

Celebrities who drive a Ferrari: Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian ferrari 458 italia

Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari 458 Italia

For the first installment of the Drive a Ferrari weekly feature: Celebrities Who Drive a Ferrari, we focus on tabloid superstar and possibly talented Kim Kardashian. Kim’s love for the prancing pony dates all the way back to her relationship with Miami Dolphin running back and 2009 Super Bowl Champion, Reggie Bush. During their agonizing relationship, Kim could be seen driving all over in Reggie’s grey Ferrari F430 (pictured below). Continue reading “Celebrities who drive a Ferrari: Kim Kardashian” »

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