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Even with the Ferrari Enzo being over a decade old and no longer the reigning king of the Ferrari kingdom, these ultra rare supercars are still demanding sky-high prices at both auction and private sale. One of the reasons that the Enzo continues to climb in value has a lot to with just how limited this supercar was and how rare it is to see one come up for sale. With only 400 ever made, this particular example only has 1,157 miles on it and has been placed up on EBAY by Manhattan Motorcars for an astonishing $3.2 million. This will set the record as the most expensive sale of a Ferrari Enzo to date. There is no sign that the value of these supercars are anywhere near their price peak. Expect the Enzo to continue to climb in value.


The criterion for purchasing a LaFerrari is rather strict to begin with. One of the prerequisites requires that all applicants have previously purchased two Ferraris new from the dealership, and owned six Ferraris in total over the past ten years. So it is not a surprise that real estate mogul Jon Hunt has a Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo in his collection. What is a surprise is that when the call came from the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Hunt decided to use his friends and family to help him drive his entire Ferrari collection from London to Modena to pick up the newest flagship vehicle from Ferrari.


FXX Evoluzione, Ferrari, Enzo

Miller Motorcars recently placed for sale a rare Enzo-based Ferrari FXX Evoluzione. This particular racer currently ranks as the fastest model that Ferrari has ever built, a title that the FXX Evoluzione will continue to hold until the LaFerrari XX is officially unveiled. Only 30 examples of this variant exist with this particular model having the distinction of being the first from the factory and only one of nine sold in the United States.

This 6.2-liter V12 has been bumped up from 800 hp to 860 hp along with sever other upgrades to include an updated suspension, rear wing, brakes and a reworked transmission that cuts shifting times from 80 milliseconds all the way down to 60 milliseconds. The Ferrari FXX Evoluzione reaches 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 250 mph.

Miller Motorcars has yet to set a price for this race piece of Ferrari superstardom leaving us to guess how much such a unique example should be worth. Stay tuned for any updates that we may get on what price this ultra rare supercar will demand.


The 2014 Vmax200 Hypermax Festival of Speed brought out some of the world’s best supercars for a day-long event full of racing and high-speed demonstrations. Shmee was on hand to capture the event’s festivities. Here is a video from Shmee 150 as he rides shotgun in a Ferrari Enzo during a donut demonstration on a British airfield with speeds reaching 195 mph on the runway. Enjoy.


HY-KERS, Ferrari, LaFerrari, F12 Berlinetta, Enzo
The limited production hybrid (only 499 units will be sold) LaFerrari that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show introduced the world to a hybrid system derived from Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 KERS technology. The current version of the HY_KERS that is available on the LaFerrari does not feature an electric only option even though the system is designed so that in future applications a car can be driven in electric mode only. The LaFerrari is the first Ferrari to utilize the benefits of the HY-KERS system. The gasoline engine in the LaFerrari is a 789 horsepower 6262cc V12 that revs to a maximum 9,250 rpm. The LaFerrari also features a 120 kw electric motor, giving the vehicle a combined power output of 950 horsepower.
The hybrid system is made of two electric motors developed in cooperation with Magneti Marelli. The first motor powers the driven wheels and the second the ancillaries. Developing the HY-KERS system in cooperation with Scuderia Ferrari allowed for considerable weight reduction pertaining to the individual components to include a battery pack that weighs 132 pounds. The batteries of the HY-KERS system are charged in different ways: the batteries will charge every time the V12 produces more torque than required such as what is achieved during cornering and every time under braking or even hard braking with the ABS active is achieved.
The LaFerrari’s Brembo braking system is also integrated into the hybrid system with several new features including new lightweight calipers designed to guarantee correct cooling and carbon-ceramic material discs. This has helped to allow the LaFerrari to put up track times 5 seconds faster than the Enzo and 3 seconds faster than the F12 Berlinetta.

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