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Hollywood has tried before to create a movie based off of the life of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari. Back in 2004, director Sydney Pollack and Academy Award winning actor Al Pacino were preparing a Enzo Ferrari biopic, based off Brock Yate’s 1991 book, “Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races.” Unfortunately, Pollack died before production could start and the project was eventually scrapped.

Ten years later, movie magazine Variety reports that Cecchi Gori pictures has entered into advanced talks with a currently unnamed American director who is rumored to be very passionate about the idea of creating a film about Enzo. The script itself has been around for quite some time and was written by Troy Kenedy Martin (“The Italian Job”) and David Rayfield (“Out of Africa”). The production company is currently scouting out locations to shoot the film, revising the script and looking for a distributor.

Cecchi Gori CEO Niels Juul had this to say about the script, “It’s a beautiful tale of the story of Ferrari battling with Maserati for supremacy in speed, yet it’s not a racing movie: it’s a ‘Godfather’ movie with racing in it.”



F40 Driven Agressively

There are many reasons why those who are lucky enough to own a Ferrari F40 choose to pamper their supercar versus subjecting Enzo Ferrari’s final legacy to all the punishment and potential hazards that come with performing elaborate burnouts and drag racing. For starters, only 1,315 units were produced making those that have survived extremely valuable. Expect to pay well over $1 million to own one today. This sort of rarity matched with such a large price tag is more likely to cause owners of these fine machines to be extremely careful and fearful that something bad could happen.

Such is not the case for this beautiful yellow Ferrari F40 that was recently scene doing doughnuts after drag racing against a white Porsche 911 Turbo. Hats-off to all the Ferrari owners out there that aren’t afraid to get their limited-edition million dollar supercars a little dirty.

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