LaFerrari carachCustomer deliveries of the 2014 Ferrari hybrid supercar, LaFerrari have not began and one has already been involved in an accident in Italy, rumored to have occurred in a small town by the name of Modena over the holiday weekend.

A Rosso Corsa LaFerrari wearing the white camouflage covering was rear-ended by a semi, possibly an Iveco.  The damage seems to be minor, possibly involving the rear tail lights and perhaps some carbon fiber panels. Even with minor damage, when it comes to a vehicle of this stature with a price tag well north of a million dollars, any news of an accident is major news around the world.

The LaFerrari is the first and hopefully not the last hybrid to come from Maranello produces 950 horsepower, 789 horsepower are from the 6.3-liter V-12 and the rest are from two electric motors. The LaFerrari also produces an astonishing 516 lb-ft of torque and a top end of 217 mph. Additional examples of excellence included in the LaFerrari are a lighter crankshaft, variable-length intake runners, an equal-length six into-one headers hydroformed from Inconel and a seven-speed automated-manual transaxle. With the LaFerrari weighing only 2,800 pounds, that’s a half ton lighter than the well respected F12 Berlinetta, the newest prancing horse is able to hit 0-60 in less than 3 seconds! The LaFerrari hybrid system consists of two electric motors developed in conjunction with the Fiat Group subsidiary responsible for developing high-technology components: Magneti Marelli. The first motor powers the wheels, while the second powers the accessories. A 120 cell battery pack arranged in eight 15 cell modules is assembled in-house by the Ferrari racing team. The battery pack is charged any time the carbon-ceramic brake discs are applied.


You would think that a bright yellow Ferrari 458 Spider would be hard to miss just by the mere sound that a Ferrari makes or by the attention that it demands at all time or maybe just because it’s BRIGHT YELLOW. Obviously that wasn’t the case for a police officer who ran into the back of this poor unsuspecting Ferrari while the cop was attempting to perform a 3 point turn on the narrow streets of London. People passing by can be heard on the video breaking out into laughter at the sight of this spectacle. To make matters worse, when the BMW police vehicle backs out of the collision, it takes the rear bumper off of the Ferrari!

Video of the London police at their best was uploaded by the Supercars of London and has been viewed more than 43,000 times and that’s just in the last 24 hours!  The uploader of the video had this to say “The laughing is by far my favorite bit! It’s a situation you just have to laugh at…unless you’re the Ferrari owner”

Law enforcement has confirmed that this event did take place with the following response: “We can confirm a police car was in a collision with a Ferrari. No one was injured during the collision and no arrests were made.”

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