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Earlier this year, Ferrari announced that it would expand its current lineup by launching new variants of existing models. This has led to expectations of some various obvious variants such as the Ferrari 458 Scuderia, who would have imagined that Ferrari would produce a spider variant of their first hybrid supercar?

According to Automobile Magazine, Ferrari is planning to produce just 50 examples at double the price of the LaFerrari coupe. If the LaFerrari Spider does make it into production, the supercar would likely consist of a removable roof panel versus the traditional convertible configuration. If produced, the LaFerrari Spider would be the first open-topped Ferrari flagship vehicle since the Ferrari F50, which came exclusively with a removable hardtop.

The LaFerrari Spider is not the only LaFerrari variant expected in 2015 to come out of Maranello. Ferrari is expected to build a track-only version dubbed the LaFerrari XX. Only 30 examples are expected to be made and each is expected to have a power output of 1,050 hp!


458 scuderia, Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia

When Ferrari brings a new generation sports car to the market, everyone should expect at least three versions: a coupe, a spider, and a Scuderia. When it comes to the Ferrari 458 Italia we have had both the coupe and spider for some time. This leaves the Scuderia to be the only expected variation currently not released. Being that the name Scuderia is synonymous with weight reduction, we are expecting a loss in weight similar to what was done to the 430 Scuderia, which tipped the scale approximately 220 pounds lighter than the traditional F430. Expect this weight reduction to be the result of a mostly aluminum body, since Ferrari has made it clear that it would choose this material over the more popular carbon fiber.

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