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Eric Clapton Custom FerrariMost people would consider Ferrari ownership as being a special experience reserved for those rich few who can afford such luxury. Most would imagine that these Ferrari owners walked into a dealership and purchased the supercar of their dreams. Not the case for Eric Clapton, who had Ferrari custom make a 1 of 1 supercar, the Ferrari SP12 EC.

Designed by the Ferrari Style Centre in collaboration with Pininfarina and Maranello’s most senior engineers, the SP12 EC is a custom one-off of the Ferrari 458 Italia with design styles influenced by Eric Clapton’s favoriate Ferrari, the Ferrari flat-12 BB 512i of the late 70s and early 80s, of which Clapton owns at least three examples. The musician reportedly wanted his custom order to include a 6.0-liter V12 Ferrari engine, after some discussion between Clapton and the Special Ferrari team, the decision was made to go with the standard engine used in the Ferrari 458 Italia.  Evidence of Clapton’s desire to have a V12 can be seen in the name SP12 EC (Special Production 12 cylinders, Eric Clapton). Body modifications made to resemble the Ferrari 512 include a Boxer-like rear deck, lower trim and for some reason, Enzo headlights! The price tag on this custom piece is not exactly cheap, while Ferrari will not disclose the actual price of sale; the SP12 EC is rumored to have cost Clapton $4.8 million.


Jay Farber, Ferrari, 458 Italia,Las Vegas nightclub promoter Jay Farber became the World Series of Poker runner-up by finishing second in the main event. Even though Farber did not win the $8,400,000 first place prize, he did walk away with a respectable $5,174,357 by beating out a field of 6,352 players at Rio hotel and casino. When asked what he will be spending his $5.2 million on, Farber says that he is going to be buying a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, and a house, not bad choices at all!
Less than 10 days after saying that he was looking to buy a Ferrari and an Aston Martin, Farber came out to Exotics Racing in Las Vegas to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia on the Exotics Racing 1.2 mile road course. Faber may have been doing a little window shopping at the Exotics Racing Experience with his close friends Dan Bilzerian, Tim “Skrape” Katz, Jordan McDonald and Brad Tate. After receiving a block of instructions from the Exotics Racing driving instructors, Faber took the 458 Italia out for 5 laps. Farber and his friends had so much fun at Exotics Racing that they even hung out longer to take a driftcar ride along in a Corvette Z06!
The Exotics Racing Ferrari 458 Italia that Faber drove is a rear-wheel drive V-8 capable of producing 560 horsepower and is Ferrari’s first naturally aspirated direct fuel injection mid-engine car that delivers a 0-60 in less than 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 202 mph. The 458 Italia is the first volume production Ferrari to break the 200 mph mark. Even though Farber only drove the 458 Italia while he was at the track, Exotics Racing does have the Aston Martin V8 Vantage available to be driven. Makes us wonder if He’ll be back to drive to the Vantage next!


Ferrari 458 Niki Lauda EditionA customer recently paid Ferrari to create a one-off special edition of the Ferrari 458 Italia that pays tribute to Ferrari’s Formula One racing legend and recent subject of the Hollywood blockbuster feature film Rush, Niki Lauda. This build was commissioned through Ferrari’s Tailor Made program and is released as a strict one-off.

The most notable changes to the exterior include the gold racing wheels on a red paint job with a white roof that has the Italian Flag represented in tri-color racing stripes across the roof. Inside, the seats and center console are finished with red stitching and make use of the same tri-color racing stripe creating and interior design that matches the exterior paint.

The changes made to the Ferrari 458 Italia for this custom build are purely cosmetic. Under the hood this Italia still carries the same 562 horsepower V8 engine that tops out at 202 mph with a 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. Other unique cars to come out of the Tailor Made program at Ferrari include a black and yellow two-toned California that uses a unique blend of carbon fiber and Kevlar for the exterior.

The Tailor Made program from Ferrari allows customers the option to customize color and trim options. For those that are interested in customized packages that go beyond color and trim should check out Ferrari’s One-Off program. The most recent example of this program is Eric Clapton’s super custom Ferrari SP12 EC, valued at over $2 million.

Ferrari 458 Italia racing wheel debuts for XBOX One

Ferrari 458 Italia XBox Steering WheelWith the release of the XBOX One less than a month away, we are starting to get a sneak peek at what gaming accessories will be on the shelves to make that slick new racing experience even better. The Thrustmaster: TX Racing Wheel, Ferrari 458 Italia Edition for Xbox One allows players to feel like they are behind the seat of the real $300,000 supercar.  This controller re-creates the actual wheel from the Ferrari 458 Italia to include paddle gear shifters and metal floor pedals.

Just like a real Ferrari, expect to drop some serious cash if you want to be behind the wheel of this bad boy. Opening price for one of these on launch day (Nov.22 alongside the Xbox One launch) will be $400.00. To put this in perspective, the Ferrari 458 Italia racing wheel will cost you the same price as a PS4!

Like I said… it’s a Ferrari.


Camo Ferrari 458 ItaliaJapanese fashion giant, A Bathing Ape or BAPE as the company is commonly called, has pioneered Japanese street culture with a flair for urban American Hip Hop influence. One can only assume that the need to wrap a 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia in modern camouflage must have roots that stem back to urban Hip Hop culture (DMX would be proud). None-the-less, BAPE’s Ferrari 458 Italia looks stunning wrapped in camo that definitely represents a Soviet slant to the camouflage paint scheme.

Even though this 458 Italia has received a paint upgrade, the vehicle itself is completely stock.  The Ferrari 458 Italia features a 4.5-liter V-8 engine that produces 562 hp with the ability to go from 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds! The top speed for the camo pony is 202 mph with a price tag of about $300,000.

Personally, I have some concerns about the tactical benefits of camouflaged Ferrari. First, why would you want to go to war in a Ferrari in the first place?  Secondly, assuming that they cannot see you because you are camouflaged, they will defiantly hear you when that massive V-8 begins to roar! However, the thought of equipping a Ferrari 458 Italia with a couple of machine guns and ripping through a warzone definitely has a certain appeal.

Crystal Encrusted Ferrari 458 Italia

Crystal Encrusted Ferrari 458 ItaliaOver the years, elaborate automotive paint schemes has been a popular way to personalize one’s automobile. the exotic supercar market has seen many  trends. Who can forget the “Murdered Out” matte black finished paint schemes of the last few years that have became so popular that some leading manufactures now offer matte black as a factory paint scheme. Before that there was the popular Chameleon Paint of the late 90′s; and who could forget the old school airbrush art of the 1970’s and 1980’s or even of the foil art and wood grain of the 1960’s. Continue reading “Crystal Encrusted Ferrari 458 Italia” »

Electronic Arts to Include Ferrari 458 Italia in the Popular Real Racing 3 App

Electronic Arts Real Racing 3Gaming mega company Electronic Arts (EA) has announced the roll out of a long awaited update to the very popular Real Racing 3 app. For the first time gamers will be able to pilot the Ferrari FF, the Ferrari 458 Italia and the V12-powered Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Additonal features on the app include a recreation of the famous Circuit de Catalunya in Spain, time trial challenges that allow gamers to compete against each other, the ability to hire crew members to earn more racing cash, improved collision avoidance and faster times through the corners and the ability to tweak personal settings to improve the racing experience.

Ferrari Wins Second Straight Rolex GT Title

Ferrari wins Rolex GT titleFerrari has captured the Rolex Series manufacturer Championship for the second consecutive season.  Alessandro Balzan’s second place finish at Lime Rock Park was enough to win the Rolex Series GRAND-AM GT drivers championship and secure the Rolex series team championship for Scuderia Corsa.  This generates serious momentum for Ferrari leading into the 2014 season where the American Le Mans Series and the GRAND-AM series will merge to become the Tudor United Sports Car Championship.

Continue reading “Ferrari Wins Second Straight Rolex GT Title” »

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