Celebrities who drive a Ferrari: Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian ferrari 458 italia

Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari 458 Italia

For the first installment of the Drive a Ferrari weekly feature: Celebrities Who Drive a Ferrari, we focus on tabloid superstar and possibly talented Kim Kardashian. Kim’s love for the prancing pony dates all the way back to her relationship with Miami Dolphin running back and 2009 Super Bowl Champion, Reggie Bush. During their agonizing relationship, Kim could be seen driving all over in Reggie’s grey Ferrari F430 (pictured below).

One would assume that this is where Kim developed her affection for Ferrari, after moving on to a considerably more confusing and possibly more permanent relationship with Kanye West, Kim could be seen driving her new all white Ferrari 458 Italia (pictured on left). As her relationship grew with Kanye, the two could be seen out on the town in his matte black Lamborghini Aventador.


We will all have to wait and see if Kim decides to stay with kim kardashian ferrari f430Ferrari or follow Kanye’s love for the Lamborghini. All of these cars are available to drive at Exotics Racing’s 1.2 mile closed course that now has locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles!

Best part of all is that you can enjoy these cars without having to be involved in any sort of mind-boggling, crazy relationship! Packages start at $299 for 5 laps.

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