Ferrari Driving Experience Las Vegas

Ferrari Fleet at Exotics RacingVery seldom do average people get the opportunity to drive some of the world’s most exotic cars such as the Ferrari F430, the Scuderia and the Ferrari F458 Italia.  Exotics Racing provides ordinary people the chance of a lifetime behind the wheel of some of the best cars that Ferrari has to offer.

Headquarters for the Exotics Racing program are based in Las Vegas, Nv, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS).  This location presents many exciting opportunities for both Exotics Racing and Exotic’s customer base, being in the “Entertainment Capital of the World” centrally locates this once-in-a-lifetime experience in a city that receives millions of visitors a year. Being located less than 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip allows Ferrari enthusiast from all over the world the opportunity to accomplish a dream while hanging out in a city they were already destined to visit.

Being located at the LVMS has allowed Exotics Racing the opportunity to build a technically challenging, state-of-the-art racing facility.  This road course was designed by Romain Thievin (successful professional racecar driver from France) and his business partner David Perisset whom are the founders of Exotics Racing. The road course was specially designed for the high performance needs of the Ferrari models that Exotics Racing has available and has been validated by the official track designer for the Indy Car Series.  This road course is 1.2 miles in length with 7 turns and features an 1,800 foot straight as well as a unique banked corners, most notably in turn 2 which has 11% banking. Drivers will experience top speeds on this 1.2 mile road course somewhere around 130 mph, depending on level of experience and type of Ferrari chosen.

Drivers visiting to the track will receive an informative block of instruction from one of Exotics Racing’s technical instructors.  During this block of instruction, drivers will learn the proper techniques involved in braking, driving a preferred line, negotiating the apex of a turn and the proper techniques required to share a track with other drivers at a high rate of speed. Family members and friends are welcomed to join drivers during this block of instruction.

Additional information and track familiarity will be achieved during the discovery lap.  This ride along experience takes place in a Porsche Cayenne GTS (until Ferrari makes an SUV the discovery laps will have to be done in a Porsche) driven by one of the Exotics Racing driving instructors.  During this experience the instructor will demonstrate firsthand the proper techniques involved in negotiating the challenging aspects of this 1.2 mile track. Family members or friends that enjoyed the block of instruction and are just not ready for a driving experience of their own will be able to take part in the discovery lap experience for a very reasonable price.

Memories of drivers going around Exotics Racing’s 1.2 mile track having the time of their life will be captured by several on-board cameras that will give views out the front of the car, all the fun that is happening in the car and record important telemetry such as driver speed allowing drivers a take-home souvenir that proves just how fast and wonderful driving a Ferrari and the Exotics Racing School in Las Vegas truly is.

Drive a Ferrari  

Ferrari Driving Experience

Ferraris are built for racing! Take your pick from Ferrari’s three most advanced supercars, the 490 hp F430 F1, the 510 hp 430 Scuderia, or the insane 570 hp 458 Italia!

Drive one or all of these supercars on a professional racetrack at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, only 20 minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip; or Auto Club Speedway in California just 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

Drive these supercars to the max with 1 on 1 coaching from our professional racing instructors. This is truly an experience you will not soon forget! A Ferrari driving experience makes the perfect gift for anyone!

Experience Ferrari!

Experience Ferrari on a Race Track

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