Chris Harris Goes Drifting in Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Chris Harris Drifting Ferrari F12 BerlinettaDrifting at full-throttle is exciting in any vehicle; the experience becomes beyond super-awesome when your drift car happens to be Ferrari’s fastest street-legal production vehicle currently made. This 740-horsepower V-12 packs a mind-blowing 509 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm guaranteed to leave tires screaming as they run for their lives. This may explain why Ferrari provided an additional four sets of tires to auto journalist Chris Harris of EVO magazine and co-host of DRIVE for his driftcar excursion thru Europe’s most beautiful track, the Anglesey Race Circuit in Wales.

The Anglessey Circuit or Trac Mon as it is pronounced in Welsh is a 2.1 mile, 10 turn circuit that has 4 additional track configurations that include a 1.55 mile Coastal Circuit, a slightly shorter National Circuit and Club Circuit that comes in at just under a mile. The Anglessey Circuit is a favorite of British television’s Fifth Gear and has been a top rated track of the MSA and ACU championship racing circuit since 1997.

As-cool-as drifting a $300,000 supercar is it’s amazing that Ferrari let Chris Harris drive the car at all. A long-standing feud has existed between Chris Harris and Ferrari that resulted in Ferrari issuing a ban to Harris by refusing to allow Harris to drive any of its press cars, representing the biggest F-you that a manufacturer can send to an auto journalist. All of this tension that resides between Harris and Ferrari stems from a rant made back in 2011 where Harris reveled, among other things, that Ferrari “custom tunes” its vehicles for track testing and media purposes. Obviously this was more than enough for Ferrari to send Harris straight to the penalty box.

To illustrate just how serious this issue has became between Harris and Ferrari, in August of 2011 Ferrari refused to provide a Ferrari 559 GTB to Harris for review, so Harris sold his Porsche and bought one outright! The speeds of the Ferrari 559 are so quick that Harris fell in love with the car and decided to keep the vehicle as his personal car. Maybe it was Harris’s love for this 620-horsepower V12 supercar that brought Ferrari and Harris back together. Either way, it is great to see Harris and Ferrari back together again.



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