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There are a lot of time pieces on the market that pay tribute to supercar companies and racing roots to include the Scuderia Ferrari line from Movado. This is first time that we have come across a company that is actually using car parts from a real Ferrari in their face design. British watch designer Christopher Ward has created a limited-edition watched appropriately named the C70 3527 GT. The nomenclature 3527 is a nod to the chassis number of the seventh Ferrari 250 GTO from which the designer uses pieces of the exterior paneling to make the face of the watch.

The Christopher Ward C70 3527 GT Chronometer uses a museum-grade sapphire crystal and traditional Ferrari red coloring. The exterior panel of the Ferrari 250 GTO used in the making of the watch can be seen on both sides of the time piece. Cut by Swiss metal-cutting experts, the exterior panel done in Rossa Corsa red shows through the number six on the back of the timepiece. Rossa Corsa stitching is also present on the leather band of the watch.

There are 100 of these timepieces being made at a price of $2,950, and a limit of one timepiece per individual buyer.


Ferrari, LaFerrari, LaFerrari Spider, 458 Scuderia, Ferrari FXX

Earlier this year, Ferrari announced that it would expand its current lineup by launching new variants of existing models. This has led to expectations of some various obvious variants such as the Ferrari 458 Scuderia, who would have imagined that Ferrari would produce a spider variant of their first hybrid supercar?

According to Automobile Magazine, Ferrari is planning to produce just 50 examples at double the price of the LaFerrari coupe. If the LaFerrari Spider does make it into production, the supercar would likely consist of a removable roof panel versus the traditional convertible configuration. If produced, the LaFerrari Spider would be the first open-topped Ferrari flagship vehicle since the Ferrari F50, which came exclusively with a removable hardtop.

The LaFerrari Spider is not the only LaFerrari variant expected in 2015 to come out of Maranello. Ferrari is expected to build a track-only version dubbed the LaFerrari XX. Only 30 examples are expected to be made and each is expected to have a power output of 1,050 hp!


Ferrari, F430 Scuderia, Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is known for his extravagant lifestyle, especially when it comes to cars. The unbeaten five-division world champion has car collections in cities covering Las Vegas to Miami. Now one of “Money” Mayweather’s favorite cars, his white Ferrari F430 Scuderia is now up for sale with Eurocar for $209,888. This is one of only 30 White Scuderias in the world and comes equipped with a complete carbon-fiber package, Novitec front lip and Novitec three-piece alloy wheels. The 2009 F430 carries a 4.3-lilter naturally aspirated V8 capable of producing 503 horsepower with a top speed of 196 mph.


458 scuderia, Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia

When Ferrari brings a new generation sports car to the market, everyone should expect at least three versions: a coupe, a spider, and a Scuderia. When it comes to the Ferrari 458 Italia we have had both the coupe and spider for some time. This leaves the Scuderia to be the only expected variation currently not released. Being that the name Scuderia is synonymous with weight reduction, we are expecting a loss in weight similar to what was done to the 430 Scuderia, which tipped the scale approximately 220 pounds lighter than the traditional F430. Expect this weight reduction to be the result of a mostly aluminum body, since Ferrari has made it clear that it would choose this material over the more popular carbon fiber.


Ferrari, Scuderia, F430, DMCEven though the German tuning program DMC may be best known for their work on Lamborghini Adventador projects, they have proven once again that they are capable of handling any Italian supercar.
DMC originally rose to fame by being the first to customize the Aventador with their Molto Veloce kit, and now they are looking to do the same by offering a complete re-design for the Ferrari F430. The project is called Carbonio, and will include a hefty dose of carbon fiber to dress up the F430, bringing the overall design closer to the styling used on the Scuderia.
As this project is far from complete, the pictures released by DMC are only a tease of what to expect. From these photos we can draw clues, such as the entire front end being wrapped in carbon fiber including the front lip that has been named “the Sword.” No word yet on when the project will be complete or what else will be done. Regardless of what comes next, DMC has definitely chosen the perfect car for this edition and we look forward to what comes next.


Michael Schumacher, Formula 1, Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari, Barret-Jackson

The 1998 Ferrari F300 driven by Michael Schumacher recently went across the auction block at Barret-Jackson for $1.7 million. This particular example is number three of nine built for the 1998 season. The F300 is a 3.0-liter V10 engine responsible for producing 805 horsepower at 17,500 rpm. The car was used by Schumacher for 38 races throughout the 1998 campaign that was won by Mika Hakkinen.

“Accompanied by its Classic certificate and Ferrari documents showing the car was driven by Michael Schumacher 38 times, this car has been fully restored by Ferrari and is eligible for a number of historic events,” read a press release from Barret-Jackson.

“As an actual verified Ferrari that has been piloted by seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher. We believe the 1998 F300 Chassis 183 was an integral part in re-establishing Scuderia Ferrari’s dominance in Formula 1 racing.”

Schumacher currently remains in a medically induced coma after suffering severe head trauma during a skiing incident late last year while on vacation in the Alpine resort of Meribel.


HY-KERS, Ferrari, LaFerrari, F12 Berlinetta, Enzo
The limited production hybrid (only 499 units will be sold) LaFerrari that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show introduced the world to a hybrid system derived from Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 KERS technology. The current version of the HY_KERS that is available on the LaFerrari does not feature an electric only option even though the system is designed so that in future applications a car can be driven in electric mode only. The LaFerrari is the first Ferrari to utilize the benefits of the HY-KERS system. The gasoline engine in the LaFerrari is a 789 horsepower 6262cc V12 that revs to a maximum 9,250 rpm. The LaFerrari also features a 120 kw electric motor, giving the vehicle a combined power output of 950 horsepower.
The hybrid system is made of two electric motors developed in cooperation with Magneti Marelli. The first motor powers the driven wheels and the second the ancillaries. Developing the HY-KERS system in cooperation with Scuderia Ferrari allowed for considerable weight reduction pertaining to the individual components to include a battery pack that weighs 132 pounds. The batteries of the HY-KERS system are charged in different ways: the batteries will charge every time the V12 produces more torque than required such as what is achieved during cornering and every time under braking or even hard braking with the ABS active is achieved.
The LaFerrari’s Brembo braking system is also integrated into the hybrid system with several new features including new lightweight calipers designed to guarantee correct cooling and carbon-ceramic material discs. This has helped to allow the LaFerrari to put up track times 5 seconds faster than the Enzo and 3 seconds faster than the F12 Berlinetta.


Whoever said that three’s a crowd definitely wasn’t talking about Caitlin Hixx with a Ferrari 599 and a Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spyder 16M. This lovely trio combines the perfect combination of raw power and raw beauty courtesy of professional photographer Nino Batista who definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to cars. The Ferrari F430 Sucderia delivers a stunning 510 horsepower with a 0-60 in 3.6 seconds while the Ferrari 599 is back by a powerful 6.0 liter V-12 engine that produces an astonishing 600 horsepower! Nino Batista has once again proved that good things do come in 3s.caitlin hixx, Ferrari 599, F430 Scuderiacaitlin hixx, Ferrari 599, F430 Scuderiacaitlin hixx, Ferrari 599, F430 Scuderiacaitlin hixx, Ferrari 599, F430 Scuderia


British racing magazine EVO recently put the Ferrari 458 speciale up against the Ferrari 458 Italia and the ruff-and-tumble Ferrari F430 Scuderia. All three cars were driven by Jethro Bovingdon, on a racetrack somewhere in the U.K.
When comparing horsepower, the 458 Speciale definitely has the advantage with 605 horsepower compared to the 570 horsepower of the 458 Italia and 503 horsepower of the Scuderia. The difference in horsepower would strongly suggest that the 458 Speciale would have the advantage on the racetrack. However, there is so much more to racing than just horsepower. Check out the video and see which one of these supercars performed best on the track.

NOVITEC ROSSO Edizione 747

Ferrari Scuderia Edizone 747The Edizone 747 is not an upgrade to the massive jetliner but rather a reference to the amount of horsepower being produced by the latest Ferrari F430 Scuderia to receive an upgrade from Ferrari’s most distinguished tuner Novitec Rosso. In true Novitec Rosso fashion, most of the emphasis on the Scuderia is centered on performance versus cosmetic body upgrades, even though the two-tone special matte yellow and grey paintjob with matching interior is very stunning. The Edizone 747 boosts the power of the V-8 engine thru the use of a bi-compressor that takes the standard 510 horsepower all the way up to 747 horsepower with an equally impressive 544 lb-ft of torque. The Edizione 747 hits 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and delivers a top end of 217 mph.

The engine comes equipped with an intercooling system that sports a dedicated water circuit giving a maximum boost pressure of 0.53 bar.

The Edizione 747 is equipped with Michelin Pilot Cup tires fitted to 20 inch rims all around with stiffer springs that lower the Ferrari’s ride height by 1 inch. Additional cosmetic upgrades besides the awesome paintjob include blacked-out taillights and side markers matched to an interior comprised of a leather-and-carbon fiber steering wheel with carbon-fiber shift paddles that are considerably longer than the stock shift paddles.

Novitec Rosso is based out of Stetten Germany and is a premier tuner of Ferrari vehicles. Novitec prides itself on performance orientated parts that improve the way Ferraris brake, handle and accelerate.

Felipe Massa to Leave Ferrari in 2014

Felipe Massa to Leave FerrariFelipe Massa to Leave Ferrari in 2014

Felipe Massa will make the move to Williams in 2014, bringing with him experience to the struggling race team in hopes of returning Williams to championship form.  Ferrari has announced earlier this year that Kimi Raikkonen will be returning to Ferrari in 2014 as teammate to Fernado Alonso. Massa, a 32-year-old Brazilian will replace Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado who has been ineffective at Williams since relationships between driver and team broke down earlier this year. Continue reading “Felipe Massa to Leave Ferrari in 2014” »

Ferrari Celebrates 30 Years of Chinese Ownership at Asia World Expo

Ferrari at Asia World ExpoNo single brand in the world represents speed, beauty, technology and design quite like Ferrari.  This past weekend Ferrari celebrated 30 years of presence in China at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong.  More than 600 Ferrari models representing every era of the famed automaker’s existence were on hand, making this expo the single largest gathering of Maranello’s sports cars ever organized in China.

The expo involved several events that all led up to Marc Gene, Scuderia Ferrari’s test driver, unveiling the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Continue reading “Ferrari Celebrates 30 Years of Chinese Ownership at Asia World Expo” »

Kimi Raikkonen to Drive for Ferrari in 2014, Signed Thru 2016



Ferrari Scuderia announced that Kimi Raikkonen will be rejoining Ferrari in 2014.  Raikkonen won the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship driving for the Italian Marque.  Kimi will be replacing Brazilian Felipe Massa who has underperformed his entire career with Ferrrari. Continue reading “Kimi Raikkonen to Drive for Ferrari in 2014, Signed Thru 2016” »

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Drive a Ferrari 430 ScuderiaThe best track car in the world!

Come and drive the 430 Scuderia on a race track. Ferrari’s 430 Scuderia is equipped with a highly tuned V8 pumping out 510 hp and it sheds away 220 lbs from the regular F430. When Ferrari decided to make the F430 Scuderia the ultimate track car they consulted one of the best Formula 1 drivers in history, Michael Schumacher. Continue reading “Ferrari 430 Scuderia” »

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