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CASCO ROSSO, Ferrari Concept, F12 Berlinetta, 250 GTO
Aspiring designer Dejan Hristov, famous for his BMW Rapp Concept has taken time to provide the world with his personal interpretation of what the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta successor would look like. The CascoRosso concept takes its cues from the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO powered by a front engine V12 hybrid powerplant with the battery placed behind the cabin for better weight distribution. The side mirrors are replaced with cameras integrated in to the body of the vehicle capable of delivering both side and rear view images that would display on the cabin’s screen. Replacing the side mirrors with cameras improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle and eliminates the need for a rear window. Additional accents include a roof-mounted scoop, large diffuser, quad pipes and headlights hidden behind a cover that opens when the lights are turned on.
Here is what Dejan Hristov had to say:
“The Ferrari CascoRosso is a two seater commercial car, which is inspired from the models of Ferrari Motor Sport as they developed through history. It is a symbiotic of style from the modern Ferrari bodies and the legendary Ferrari Classics. One of those classics is the Ferrari 250 GTO from witch I got the main inspiration for this model. The idea was for the CascoRosso to be reincarnation of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, a modern, futuristic version of it.”


2015 FERRARI CALIFORNIA, Ferrari, Twin Turbo
Previously known as ‘Project 149 M’, the 2015 Ferrari California T reintroduces the world to a turbo-Ferrari, something we haven’t seen since the F40 debuted in 1987. The “T” in its name, of course, stands for “turbocharged,” even though the California T is actually twin-turbocharged. The single T in the name is probably due to a another German automaker currently using “TT” for one of their models, plus California T just sounds better.
This new motor is expected to deliver 49% more torque with a peak output of 556-ft-lb and a fuel consumption improvement of at least 15% due to the turbocharged engine. The Ferrari California T will pack an additional 70 horsepower over the previous model, bringing the total to 560 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. For those that are concerned that the change to turbocharged motors will affect the sound of the Ferrari will be pleased to know that the Ferrari California T will rumble. This is in part due to the engine having direct injection, twin-scroll turbines, and a 90-degree V block, a flat-plane crankshaft along with a tuned three-piece exhaust manifold that promises to deliver a sound that guarantees that the California T sounds the way that a Ferrari should. The California T will also display the latest generation magnetic suspension, upgraded springs and the newest generation carbon-ceramic braking system.
For those more into visual will be pleased to know that the 2015 Ferrari California T will be available in two colors, the “Rosso California” and the “Blue California”. The 2015 California appears longer and lower than the current California despite carrying nearly identical dimensions. These new looks are a result of the 2015 California being stylized by Pininfarina who once again delivers elegant styling elements that make the 2015 Ferrari California T as beautiful as it is powerful.


DMC, Ferrari, 458 ItaliaGerman luxury refiner DMC has unveiled its newest limited edition project, the Ferrari 458 Italia Estremo Edizione 10/10. Only 15 vehicles will be made in this very special limited production run with every third client receiving a special Gold-Edition that features a Custom Owner Plate signed by the car’s designer and an extra body part that is being kept a secret. All 15 editions are based on the Ferrari 458 Italia with improvements being made to the power of the vehicle and a stunning new body that is significantly lighter due to the use of carbon fiber.
The picture included in this post is from the release of the first example that was assembled by DMC’s partner in Japan for a client in Tokyo. The DMC Ferrari 458 Italia Estremo Edizione 10/10 displays a completely new front fascia with modified air channels for better cooling. Additional improvements include a new side-vented front hood and redeveloped side panels that control airflow. The rear of the vehicle displays a massive carbon fiber wing spoiler designed to create downforce. The new air-filter and exhaust system add an additional 22 horsepower to the already powerful engine creating a Ferrari 458 Italia capable of doing 0-100 mph in just 3.1 seconds.


Ferrari, LeMans, LMP1 Racer
Auto Sprint magazine claims to have obtained photographs of a LMP1 racer being developed by Ferrari for a return to the Le Mans racing series. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo did express interest in a return to Le Mans racing. This camouflaged vehicle does have all the components you would expect a racer in this class to have including center-locking racing wheels a roof scoop and front splitter. The only piece that looks out of context is the rather large carbon fiber wing. Even if this is a LMP1 racer being tested for a return to Le Mans, don’t expect an appearance by Ferrari at a Le Mans event before 2016.


Ferrari, 458 Italia, Racing One

The Ferrari 458 Italia already runs great around the track, putting out over 570 horsepower backed by pure racing DNA. Even with the Italia having all this going for it, the street set up does have a number of limitations. The guys over at the Racing One tuner shop have resolved these issues with their Ferrari 458 Italia Competition.

The 4.5-liter V8 engine has been tweeked a bit to produce 620 horsepower, making the Ferrari 458 Competition more powerful than the new Ferrari 458 Speciale. The upgraded engine is combined with variable traction control and a seven-speed racing gearbox. Additional upgrades include a beefed up suspension from KW, new carbon ceramic disks that are fade-resistent and better areodynamics that stem from a carbon fiber body kit



Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia, CapristoA lot of people feel that body modifications should not be made to a Ferrari, this stems from a belief that Ferraris are perfect when they leave the factory. One of the most common fears is that when changes are made to the body that effect the overall look of the vehicle, the actual look of the vehicle can be completely ruined. This has not stopped tuner shops from attempting to “add to without taking away from” the original design that the car was born with.
In this case Capristo, most famous for their work with exhaust systems, hated the fact that an engine view was not offered on the convertible option for the Ferrari 458 Italia, and set out to do something about it. The end result is very impressive; Capristo has fitted the Italia with a new back piece that allows the engine compartment to be viewed. The view of the engine is not a complete view, but you can see a good amount of the engine to include the Ferrari logo that sits on top.
In addition to the glass hood, Capristo also added flanks to the hood on each side of the glass pane that allow for better air passage, helping the oil cooler by adding 25 Nm to the output of the engine. The capristo Ferrari 458 Spider is a perfect example of a tuner shop adding to the original design without taking away from the original intent of the manufacture. The $15,000 price tag makes this a realistic option for those wanting to show off the engine of their Ferrari 458 Italia.


Ferarri, Ferrari 458-spider

For all those out there wondering and dreaming about what you would do if you owned a brand new Ferrari 458 Spider can now put your dreams to the test with the Ferrari 458 Spider Configurator online. Ferrari allows the user to test all 38 colors and match them to available interior options and custom wheel packages. Best of all, the Ferrari 458 Spider configurator does not display any prices for these custom upgrades keeping the dream alive for all those who can’t afford to buy.


458 scuderia, Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia

When Ferrari brings a new generation sports car to the market, everyone should expect at least three versions: a coupe, a spider, and a Scuderia. When it comes to the Ferrari 458 Italia we have had both the coupe and spider for some time. This leaves the Scuderia to be the only expected variation currently not released. Being that the name Scuderia is synonymous with weight reduction, we are expecting a loss in weight similar to what was done to the 430 Scuderia, which tipped the scale approximately 220 pounds lighter than the traditional F430. Expect this weight reduction to be the result of a mostly aluminum body, since Ferrari has made it clear that it would choose this material over the more popular carbon fiber.


Ferrari, Ferrari 458 Italia, 458 Spider,  Novetic Rosso

Novetic Rosso is a Dutch tuning house that specializes in upgrade packages for Ferrari owners. This time Novetic Rosso has focused their attention on the Ferrari 458 Spider. This package keeps the focus on aerodynamic parts with very little done to the upgrade of the engine. Engine upgrades do include a carbon fiber air box with modified air routing and a custom high-performance exhaust system manufactured by Inconel. This system features two high-performance manifolds, sport catalysts and a new rear sport exhaust that releases an extra 39 hp by itself.

The aerodynamic upgrades for this Ferrari 458 Spider include carbon fiber parts designed in a wind tunnel at the University of Stuttgart. Novetic Rosso has fitted the 458 Spider with a new carbon fiber two-piece front spoiler with side flaps, a ventilation grill, exterior mirrors and side skirt matched to a rear spoiler. Additional pieces found on the Novetic Rosso 458 Spider include blacked –out tail lights, side markers and an auxiliary LED brake light along with carbon fiber air scoop wings. The Novetic Rosso 458 Spider sits on new 22” forged wheels matched with a hydraulic suspension system that can raise the car’s ride by 40mm or lower it by 35 mm.


Mansory, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari 458 Italia, Monaco Edition

German-based tuner company Mansory has taken inspiration from the Ferrari Enzo for its latest creation, the Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition. The reference to Enzo styling is very obvious in the front nose cone of the 458 Monaco Edition along with a new skirt with bigger intakes all made out of carbon fiber. Mansory brags that these new carbon fiber pieces reduce the weight of the Ferrari 458 by over 130 pounds. The interior of the 458 Spider Monaco Edition receives an upholstery upgrade consisting of leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber done in a pleasant combination of red and white.

Mansory matched these new body styling components and interior upgrades with a new engine management system, a sports air filer and a sports-tuned exhaust system. Additional touches on the 458 Spider Monaco Edition include fitted sports shock absorbers with lowering springs that drop the ride height by 20mm, the Monaco Edition will be sitting on 20 inch wheels in the front and 21 inch wheels in the back. This upgrade in performance boosts the Ferrari 458’s power to 590 horsepower with a 0-60 of just 3.2 seconds while reaching a top speed of 205 mph.

Just three of these are being made, no word yet on pricing.

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