DMC, Ferrari, LaFerrari, LaFerrari FXXRIt can be quite hard to make a car look sportier than the original without ruining the complete design. German supercar turner DMC set out to accomplish that feat on the newest member of the Ferrari fleet, the 2014 LaFerrari. DMC has taken this hybrid to a whole new level by combining elements from the Ferrari GTO, the XX and FXX. All the changes made for this digital rendering were cosmetic with zero alterations being made to the LaFerrari’s original DNA except for a race inspired exhaust. For as wild as the FXXR is, these ideas may not be farfetched. Many of the carbon fiber details and the sharper lines, not to mention the rear spoiler are items that can all become a reality should Ferrari introduce a track edition. There is no word as to whether DMC has any plans to actually build the FXXR. One serious setback to making the FXXR a reality is that there are only 499 potential customers in existence and with the LaFerrari costing $1.4 million, it’s hard to say if any of the owners will be willing to undergo such a radical transformation.



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